The Sweet Smell Of Artisan Success

Where is Lavender Hill? Is it a real place? Or is it found hand-picked, distilled in a bottle, carefully labelled, and nested in a wooden box? Craft lavender growers Adam and Wendy Possard began their adventure as a hobby. After witnessing smile after smile on the faces of those to whom they gifted their harvest, they realized that it just might be possible to bottle delight.

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One of California’s Most Cherished Craft Lavender Products

FINE design group was chosen to do a comprehensive brand development for what quickly became one of California’s most cherished craft lavender products. FINE began with the identity, striking a balance between the tradition, to which they apply their farming practices, and the innovation they use to prepare, package and distribute their products. The packaging had to be sumptuous, expressing both the values they apply to their process as well as experience of the product itself. Every element of the package, from the hand-numbered labels to the wax-sealed, locally-constructed wooden crate is wrought with texture blended with a contemporary style.