When tradition meets modernity an experience is refined. Darioush Khaledi and his wife Shahpar founded Darioush in 1997, but his fascination for wine began long before, as a child admiring his father’s craft and the long cultural history of winemaking in Shiraz, Iran.

A fully responsive website weaves together the story of Persian heritage influenced by modern luxury. The design is both welcoming and unexpected, extending the brand’s dedication to lofty standards that are also grounded and genuine. Tying together traditional Persian patterns with modern elements, it's both an Old and New World feel, drawing inspiration from Darioush’s world travels and life story.

The grandeur of the location is paralleled in site details, from hero images, to copy that gives them context. It’s not just a wine site, but a cultural volley—an on-premise adventure in hospitality. It creates a sense of place, so the user can step into the story rather than simply observing it.

Playing on this sense of discovery, a storybook navigation reveals hidden quotes at the bottom of pages. Site pacing is carefully curated, each section serving as a chapter of the Darioush story, right down to the sitemap.

Told in Pictures

The image-driven journey section relays the Darioush experience immersively. Thoughtful design elements are peppered throughout the site to honor Darioush’s celebration of individualism and craftsmanship.

Welcoming Elements

The site acts as a gate into the winery, welcoming guests with signature hospitality. Engagement continues through staff bios that take on their own identity with editorially styled photos, creating a genuine, inviting look to speak to the personalities of the people, and to Darioush as a whole.

Sales + Service

A custom store uses minimalistic design to allow each unique item to shine without distraction. E-commerce integration enables members to log in for exclusive access to member-only products, and custom-curated Napa Valley itineraries courtesy of the Darioush concierge.

Time-Honored Tradition

Another custom element relates to Darioush’s most-prized possession, Darius II. Users can travel back in time and browse through the evolution of the distinctive labels while delving into the origins of each intrinsically detailed artwork.

The Art + Object boutique adds to the site’s overall adventure with museum-quality gifts integrated into the store. Visitors can not only purchase bottles and collections of wine, but also browse carefully curated artifacts for sale.

Personalized Shopping

The highly stylized, responsive design of the interactive shopping cart is itself a unique experience. The cart icon only appears after an item is added, and includes detailed notes on each item, acting much like a personal concierge.

Always the Right Size

No matter the size of the screen, users can still have a memorable site and shop experience, for a journey that’s both spiritual and material—a journey both personal and meant to be shared.