A Brand Foundation for Mexico's Most Enticing Development

The Chileno Bay Club was envisioned as one of the largest and most lavish developments in Mexico, with Cabo San Lucas beachfront properties nestled around the rocky promontory at the old Cabo Hotel, two celebrity-designed golf courses, lagoons, and plans so extensive they required the relocation of federal highways.

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The Most Ambitious Plan: Make it Real and Personal

So often a home for successful retirees, the brand focused on bringing family into the mix, with images and motifs that kept sharing quality time top of mind. The challenge with any such development, of course, is to instill confidence in property that may still be mere stakes and sand. To do this, the brand was extended across an extensive assortment of materials following a sales cycle strategy from awareness through the multi-step investment and contract process.

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An Inviting Sense of Place

Starting with a glamorous lure brochure sheathed in specially die-cut envelopes, extending through sales support via postcards, promotional websites and media centers, web-based lot selection tools, design guidelines, and everything in between, the materials kept interested parties engaged from the moment they expressed interest.

Driving much of this was photography that captured the essence of the location, supplemented with signature watercolor and illustration styles, creating a profound and almost mythical sense of place for a location that had yet to truly exist.