A Brand That Goes Far Beyond The Bottle

Sonoma County's Alexander Valley is home to the iconic Jordan Winery Chateau. There, you'll find a lifestyle experience dedicated to agriculture, hospitality and conservation. In short, a way of life that goes way "beyond the bottle" to encompass a unique Jordan lifestyle.

The new Jordan digital brand presence leverages a library of custom imagery that captures the dreamlike experience provided on-property - it's imagery that takes you there and offers you a true "wine country welcome".

A robust custom data management application drives content and integrates with reservation request systems, E-Commerce, and CRM partners. Behind the visual aesthetic, this technological backbone provides easy pathways to fresh and extensive digital marketing content, and a brand that channels lifestyle magazines as much as winemakers.


The Wine Shines Through

Lifestyle content does not come at the expense of Jordan's signature wine products. Each wine is visualized exactly how customers enjoy it, with photos as glamorous as the grounds that produce it. Each also comes with a rare level of encyclopedic educational content on winemaking, tasting, serving, and pairing.

Truly Beyond the Bottle

Visitors looking for more can gravitate toward the Beyond the Bottle area and its world of timely social content, Jordan's award-winning blog and even more imagery and videos. Seamless integrations here with third-party content providers bring smiles to seasoned wine drinkers and web developers alike. And a Star Wars release video demonstrates just how far, far away from the bottle Jordan can go.

Evoo screenshot

Delivering the Food

For most brands, replicating the utility and aesthetic of a dedicated food site like Epicurious is an uphill battle. For Jordan and their aspirational lifestyle, it was the right move. The Jordan Recipe database delivers a worthy (and delicious) culinary exploration in keeping with their brand. On tablet, mobile, or to print.

Desktop to Countertop

Thoughtful responsive design takes Jordan's recipes from the desktop to the kitchen counter via a design optimized for tablet viewing. Like the best culinary resources, their bespoke-built recipe database was made to be used. Prop it up next to the mixer and it becomes your best chef's helper.

Launch Site

Small Screen Star

The experience comes along for the ride with a responsive design that extends to optimal mobile viewing, right down to the elegant and simple treatment of the recipe database. Beyond food, explore every corner of Jordan's digital property, and their famous physical property, on this mobile-friendly site.

Shop screen shot

Commerce + Content

Commerce and content converge in a custom Shop solution that sits on top of Jordan's e-commerce partner platform. The site's initial "wow" factor segues seamlessly into "buy now" - the intent is to convert sales while always converting new brand loyalists.

Launch Site

"Successful luxury brands evoke responses that engage several senses and are very real to consumers. One of the essential jobs of a luxury brand website is visual storytelling, which places a brand in time and space, and gives emotional context to a product. This is especially true for Jordan as story telling brings our wines alive with stories of the people that create it and the challenges that must be overcome before the wine is uncorked."

John Jordan, Proprietor and CEO