A Global Brand Built On a Sustainable Mission

PAE Engineers is a global leader in sustainable engineering design. Their driving mission: to create ideal solutions for their clients while preserving our ideal planet. Their portfolio: a tour-de-force of work that solves complex mechanical, electrical, and lighting design challenges of award-winning LEED-certified buildings.

During a brand workshop, PAE’s essence and core messaging were distilled into differentiators to guide look and feel, structure, and content. Though the work takes center stage as a brand proof point, space emerges for images of PAE teams, offering a glimpse into the kind of culture that incubates solutions.


A Site Worthy of the Work

Their new digital brand home had to be as bold as the work it features, worthy of the company that engineered the world's largest living building: Seattle's Bullitt Center. The work surfaces in a museum catalogue feel across an uncommon grid system with a fresh structural edge. The portfolio is a centerpiece, relying upon navigable tiles, striking imagery, and tightly worded case study pages to demonstrate the impact of their creations.

To create space for visual impact, information architecture pared the sitemap, addressed varied browsing paths and behaviors, and enabled a responsive design that renders seamlessly across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Launch Site

Small touches, like a sticky navigation and logo animation, make the site efficient as users scroll, adapting to user needs while preserving the brand’s full identity. The site's behaviors invite interaction and lend the modern feel you might experience in one of their structures.

Content highlights bold statements and easily digestible stats to quantify their accomplishments. It's augmented by an Impact section that re-imagines the typical blog into more sparing glimpses of thought leadership.

Engineering a New Standard

Like PAE’s work, the site sets a standard for their sector, elevating and positioning the company and its work for its industry-wide leadership and its worldwide, sustainable vision.

A Collateral Foundation

Like many FINE brands, digital precedes analog. The look, feel, and content of the website extends to all touchpoints designed to convey PAE’s mission, from business systems to presentation templates, all sustainably sourced and modular for use in all phases of the sales cycle. Copy woven in as section breaks and asides delivers key messages about the brand and our world.

50 Years of Sustained Greatness

The firm’s 50th Anniversary provided a fitting launchpad for a campaign to show how long the firm has been forward-thinking. Strategy work sessions led to a custom graphical badge of honor, celebratory sustainable schwag, and even a children’s book with an eye toward the next "50 Years & Forward."

"My first meeting with Steve was a walk along the shore of the Willamette. We shared business philosophies and knew right away that our firms would be a great fit. The entire process was highly collaborative, and in a world filled with too many meetings, I actually looked forward to my meetings with the talented FINE team. They were not only fun to work with, but helped our internal team understand our company better through the creation of a great new website."

Paul Schwer, PAE President, LEED, AP, ILFI Cascadia Fellow