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We’ve been hard at work, making it one hot summer to remember. Big clients have celebrated big launches, including ours truly, and we’re not opposed to playing favorites.

FINE: An Agency For The Digital Age.
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It’s time to say it out loud – We Are FINE. We’ve gone by other names, but none sums up our evolution into the trusted brand friends that we are, helping navigate the biggest opportunities of the digital age, better than just FINE. So that’s our name and we’re sticking to it on our new domain at 

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Kimpton Suite Site Sets Industry Standard

A brand that’s never been shy about rocking the hotel industry is now set to rock your world. Kimpton’s new fully responsive, guest-centric site is where technology and style meet for trendsetting, groundbreaking results.

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Kimpton Karma: A Rewarding Experience
Debuting alongside the Kimpton Hotels launch, FINE branded and helped build Kimpton’s new loyalty program - Kimpton Karma Rewards. Visually stunning and logistically inspiring, a personalized brand experience has never been more meaningful (or wickedly awesome).

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FINE Summer Camp
FINE set off for a two-day campout (who smuggled in the Oreos?) for some serious bonding and creative exploration. There was no acoustic guitar, but we did partake in Aikido and wine tasting. For research purposes, of course.

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Making Headlines: FINE's been in the news a bit lately, for all the right reasons.
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Domaine Carneros Gives Its Wine a Place
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It's a Pie-Off, People. It's no secret we're connoisseurs of delicious desserts.
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