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FINE Summer 2008

Fireworks, brands, barbecues, websites, strategy, baseball, design, swimming, technology, and other sounds of summer.

What’s New From FINE?


Norton Today: So Very Un-Yesterday

This centerpiece of an integrated FINE strategy to reach wired consumers lets you submit Nortonized videos, Talk to a Geek, make papercraft bots, win a Vespa, weave Virtual Campfire tales, hear Murmurings, and much more.


Feel the Norton Today buzz at Communication Arts, Killbozo, Boing Boing, Gizmodo, American Scooterist Magazine, and more. Or Nortonize for yourself at More coming throughout 2008.


Stags’ Leap: It's All In The Terroir

If you’re one of the few to visit the Stags’ Leap Manor House, you’ll be surrounded by Napa history and terroir that made a sleepy valley a worldwide center of wine culture. If not, spend a few minutes at


Cliff Lede And Poetry Inn Go To 11

These complimentary Napa brands come to life on linked sites that reward visitors with Spinal Tap videos, iTunes downloads, and Haring sculptures. See them at and


Lavendar Hill: Packaging Scents

Where is Lavendar Hill? Is it a real place? Or is it found hand-picked, distilled in a bottle, carefully labelled, and nested in a wooden box? Find out in the project tour.


Brynmorgan's Fetching New Site

These longtime FINE collaborators consult with big dogs while making every project personal. Their dog Jessey captures the go-getter spirit at


Kurtz-Ahlers: The Life Exotic

Their clients are exclusive resorts around the world with properties in such exotic places as Maldives, Chile, Jordan, and even North Korea. And this richly-textured site will make them feel right at home at

FINE Updates

  • Communication Arts awarded eWine Match and Norton Today its “Site of the Day” honors on April 15 and May 29 respectively.
  • The Hitachi BladeSymphony 320 “origami” posters earned Gold in the Graphic poster competition. Check the project tour for a taste.
  • Welcome new FINE folks: Caro (auf Deutschland), Elaine, Paige, Josh S., Stacy, and Mike.
  • Did we mention your video skills might win you a Vespa at
  • If you know someone who wants to be on this list, send them here to sign up.

Coming Soon

  • Joie de Vivre Is California Dream Inn
  • Treadwell and Rollo Rolls Out
  • Norton Lives On The Edge
  • I-Many, You-Many, We All Scream For iMany
  • Symantec’s Watchdog Does New Tricks
  • Minglefish Beta Goes Big Time
  • Symantec Climbs Shasta
  • Freshology Studies Fresh New Identity

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