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FINE Spring 2010

Enter: The Tiger. Springing forward with a lost hour, weekly launches, blossoming brands, tweets, sunny sites.

May sun shine on your entire digital ecosystem.


The Mondavi Legacy Continues

With the Continuum Estate launch, Tim Mondavi and family extend a powerful tradition with new focus. Their new brand's site is structured in a loop, opening with a stunning sequence that unveils the new Continuum brand's drama.


We’re on a Boat, Y’all

A new tagline, advertising, and imagery shape an online brand to rival the "on water” experience on Hornblower Cruises & Events. See how Hornblower turns charters, dining, or Statue of Liberty trips into floating sensations.


Jordan Airs

Despite its renown, Jordan Vineyard & Winery still feels like a family brand. Their new site’s flash galleries are treasured photo albums, from extensible homepage image rotations to scrolling pictures within. Visit them in Healdsburg or here.


A Better Place Created

SSA Landscape Architects is in the business of landscapes that are as sustainable as they are beautiful. Their own improved online destination's simple, Zen-gardenesque portfolio makes touring SSALA work like a walk in the park.


Columbia Crest Peaks At #1

Columbia Crest’s Cab is Wine Spectator's #1 pick, and their new site came along just in time to say so. Note the careful sorting of sub-brand tiers using color schemes and visuals. Jot down a choice Bobby Flay recipe while you’re there.


A Northstar Is Born

Northstar’s blue-sky design, blending education graphics, javascript gallery and integrated social media via integrated blog and winemaker Twitter feed, establish it as a guiding light in Ste Michelle Wine Estates brand string of pearls.


Time For Naked Wine

If it’s possible to handcraft an organic and sustainable website, this is what it looks like. The illustration-driven style reinforces the “au naturel” Snoqualmie Vineyards brand approach, and fully forms another ‘pearl’ for Ste Michelle.


Stadiums And Skyscrapers Are Us

With a global project portfolio that includes Prudential Center and the New Meadowlands, Langan Engineering & Environmental Services thinks very big. Their new site helps build the Langan brand on a worldwide scale.


Here’s To Things You Can Count On

They're America’s favorite Merlot, a reliable brand start-to-finish, and the new Blackstone Winery site forms their solid online foundation. Share Seasonal Feast recipes socially, and stay tuned for more Constellation Brand sites.

FINE Updates

  • Apple Inc.: Never have we welcomed a brand new client we’ve already worked with so much for so long.
  • Be among our early Twitter followers: @finedesigngroup
  • Steve. Brazil. Any questions?
  • Spreading Valentine’s joy.
  • Jordan Winery: CommArts Site of the Day.
  • We’ve moved! FINE SF followed the migration of wild parrots to Telegraph Hill.
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  • Welcome Newbies: Sam L., and Michael M.

Coming Soon

  • Norton & Iron Man Too
  • Quoth the Raven At Last
  • Bay Bridgemakers
  • Wine Is Life
  • We Can Haz Blog
  • Transactional Buoyancy
  • Who’s Conning Who?
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