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FINE March 2008

As our best new ideas begin to hatch and bloom, here are a few Spring highlights from the world of FINE

Greetings from FINE!


Zed Is Definitely Not Dead

It’s a new brand of restaurants. It’s everything you want in a dining experience, from A to Zed. It’s where food is not ordered, but comes willingly. In short, it’s a feast for the senses. Get a FINE taste for it at


Silver Oak: The Gold Standard

One sip of Silver Oak cabernet and you’ll know why this venerable brand is famous all over the wine-drinking world. A sophisticated, and palate-pleasing FINE new website accompanies that brand positioning at


eWineMatch Pairs With The Web

The eWine Match system (as featured on CBS and anywhere wine is discussed) is now complete. If you’re tired of text messaging 411511, find just the right wine to go with your lobster bisque at


Robert Hidey Hides No More

They’ve been busy building other people’s glorious dwellings for the past 19 years. But now the new online home for Robert Hidey Architects is finally ready for a walkthrough at


Shasta Ventures Reaches The Peak

Shasta Ventures unveiled a dynamic FINE site (with custom content management system) that places them among the pinnacle of venture capital brands. The view is phenomenal from the top of the new


T3Ci Re-Boots as RSi

Fresh from their FINE re-launch, T3Ci took it a step further. An acquisition, a new name/brand, and one less letter in their acronym, but the same world-class retail data science is on display at

FINE Updates

  • Congratulations to Hitachi, Joie de Vivre Hotels, Bohemian Highway Wines, FINE, and Robert Hidey for a succession of design awards too numerous to enumerate.
  • Apparently, we do stealth projects. If you’re a global athletic apparel brand (or even if you’re not), we’ll do a secret project for you and we won’t tell a soul.
  • Don't forget to Mingle often.
  • See FINE print work for PMI and Chileno Bay in the new Rockport tome on Brochures, available at FINEr tome stores everywhere.
  • FINE is hiring. Especially if you're a whizbang web designer and/or developer. If you're a baller, you need to apply at Jobs.

Coming Soon

  • Why Not A Little Norton Today?
  • Cliff Lede puts some poetry Inn their site
  • A new way to mingle online swims your way
  • Leaping stags! It’s a new website!
  • Symantec takes your site feedback
  • Kurtz-Ahlers gets a new luxury destination
  • It’s new, and it’s for venture partners

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