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Books On Wheels

Posted in Play — July 27, 2012

Bookmobiles are magical things. They are extensions of libraries that bring services where libraries can’t go. This allows library systems to reach and serve isolated communities and provide service to children, disabled adults, older adults, people with health issues and those who lack or cannot afford transportation.

Bookmobiles visit neighborhood stops and schools, day care centers, elementary and high schools, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, prisons and individual residences for home delivery.

The idea of the Bookmobile has been around for hundreds of years. Different transportation methods are used all around the world to share books. These include: busses, camels, donkeys, trucks, horses, carts, and anything else that makes it easy to carry around a bunch of books! You can see images of examples throughout history here.

Read a personal story about a man bringing the Bookmobile back to his community here.

Contact your State’s Public Library System to get the schedule of the Bookmobile parking site nearest you or to get your house on the route.

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