FINE Ultimate Work Jams - Let's Do This
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♫ FINE 100% Ultimate Work Jams ♫

Posted in Play — August 25, 2014

We want your day to start off right – and that means starting it with some quick stretches and an Ultimate Work Jam playlist. Our expert FINE DJ’s have crafted their ultra-ultimate playlists and we’re sharing them with YOU.

Today’s playlist comes from DJ Ambipambipalmbeachprincess: (Portland Studio Manager Amber Arambul):

Let’s Do This

This playlist is a mix of upbeat head bangin’ and strong ballads. It’s for stormy days when you have to ride your bike up a giant hill to work or the days when you have a deadline you think is just a bit insane. This playlist says “Hey you – power up, don’t freak out, get ready, LET’S DO THIS.”

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