So Many Games to Play, So Little Time to Find the Best Ones. Until now.

Global video game giant Electronic Arts wanted a way to make game selection more personal, especially during the holiday season when so many are buying for others. This flash-based application begins with the daunting selection of game boxes you might see if you stared down an aisle at Best Buy or started browsing on But the menu choices at the bottom, starting with simple criteria like platform and age, fluidly reshuffle and diminish the boxes until at last only a select few remain.

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Matching People to the Games Best Suited to Them

A purchase can be made directly from the application to the EA Store. Along the way, you’ve narrowed your choices against even such unique criteria as “Personality,” where you can match people to the games best suited to them (or to your budget). And you may have found that this chooser is not such a bad game in and of itself.