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Project Manager

You'll help drive outstanding projects. Because you're driven. And outstanding. Project Manager We’re a brand and digital agency with a 25-year history of great work. We need your remarkable project and client management skills to keep us humming. Our clients are top-notch brands in wine and spirits, hospitality, architecture, engineering, finance, and more. You will be a key member of our team, working with designers, developers, and strategists, responsible for ensuring superlative project outcomes, and super-happy clients. Your passion for delivering highly design and brand-focused creative projects will help. So will your experience managing clients with incredible attention to detail and communication. You’ll bring a strong understanding of digital, including experience managing substantial web design and development projects. If you read the letters ftp, http, jsp, and html and you’re thinking we left out some vowels, or if you think a server works in restaurants, you’re probably not right for this gig. In short, you can run the full spectrum of brand and digital projects all the way through to an awesome deliverable and a happy client. You’re always making to-do lists and looking after the details, tracking milestones and schedules, thinking 3 steps ahead on a project that only has 2 steps. You can use all the usual office software suspects, and you’ve usually got a few IM windows going (maybe even while you read this). More specifically, you'll have the following duties and need the following traits: RESPONSIBILITIES: - Manage and guide clients from project initiation through successful project completion, ensuring a long-term client relationship - Identify and support client goals with strategic solutions, including guiding them through budgeting and forecasting process, helping them see project opportunities, and road mapping project calendars - Foster and grow your client accounts; guide solutions and deliver project results that exceed their expectations and result in the highest levels of client satisfaction - Foresee and prevent situations where a client’s feedback isn’t taken into consideration, a piece of the puzzle is missing, or an element doesn’t align with their overall goals and objectives - Proposal creation, estimating and resource management for small to large budget projects - Develop and drive project plans through all phases from scoping through delivery - Manage multiple roadmaps for a single account as well as multiple projects across accounts - Oversee activities and process for the production and QA phases of all digital development projects; websites, applications, and similar digital destinations - Ensure Creative and Production project teams are set up for success through deliveries, timeline, communication, and client support throughout the project lifecycle, including post-launch TRAITS + EXPERIENCE: - Solid team player who’s self-motivated, driven, passionate, and downright nice - Resourceful get-it-done attitude; you aren’t afraid to try new things, and you don’t let a setback get in your way - Exceptionally strong work ethic, hold yourself accountable, and are dependable; when someone asks you for something, you roll up your sleeves, dig in, and persist until it’s done - Highly collaborative work style that motivates and engages co-workers in multidisciplinary teams - Stellar customer service is just part of your DNA - you can’t not go above and beyond to ensure your clients’ needs are met - Ability to read a room, and you’re able to pivot as needed to support the needs of your team - Uncanny ability to manage up - communicating risk, project issues, setbacks, etc, while there’s still time to address them and get back on track - An amazing eye for detail - in one of those spot the difference books, you get them all and maybe one that the editor missed - Great written and verbal communication skills, the ability to craft and deliver presentations, written project briefs, emails, and more - Basic project budgeting skills are a plus - An understanding of web technologies is a plus - 2+ years production or project management experience in a fast-paced, detail-focused position with client deliverables preferred; prior creative agency experience not required We do some world-class work in a pretty fun, familial environment, with room for career growth. So if all this sounds good to you, write us a little note to tell us what you’ve done and why you’re interested in this position, and please attach a recent resume when you send.
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