Joie de Vivre Hospitality Promotes California Dream Inn

Joie de Vivre Hotels are known for each delivering their own distinctive brand of California experience. FINE built the core company website that established their core identity, and backed it with a content management system easy enough for a marketer to use, but robust enough to roll out distinctive location sites without re-inventing the wheel.

Dreaminn_ss_01 Dreaminn_ss_02 Dreaminn_ss_03 Dreaminn_ss_04 Dreaminn_ss_05

Surf-era Graphics Make you Pine for the Coast

Dream Inn Santa Cruz is one such location. While a Dream Inn profile can be found on the JdV “mother ship”, the Dream Inn site goes deeper into this distinctive property. Jetsons and Surf-era graphics will make you pine for the Santa Cruz coast. And the overall effect establishes this property’s niche, while still leveraging the technology infrastructure and content common to all.

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