Ripostes | Mingle

I removed  the word 'barfy' from my JS comments because it seemed vaguely unprofessional.

- Mark Hoffmann

There's a FINE line (pun intended) between design & functionality. We dance on both sides.

- Nick

Hey, do you have a second for Bacon?

- Amber

I wish they made, like, six packs of sangria.

- Allyson

Should we consider an inflatable unicorn?

- Emily

My burrito keeps me warm.

- North

They really liked my tomatoes!

- Arune

I Googled "nuts", and a relationship was formed.

- Emily

I feel like I'm treading Jell-O today.

- Melisa

Why do you hate me so much?

- Katerina

When I type, I like to pretend I'm playing the piano.

- Emily